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About company

“New Way” CJSC was established in 2013 and operates taxi service “Taxi Aqua”. “New Way” CJSC provides passenger transportation with 15 new cars of Renault Logan. “Taxi Aqua” offer its customers high-quality service and low price policy. Currently, corporative customers’ service is available in a non-cash way. The company mainly specializes in corporative customer service. The management of the company strictly follows the quality of service of all drivers. We make a thorough choice to accommodate the staff of our drivers, in order to provide our customers with prompt quality and secure service at any time of the day.

We mainly provide services for businesses that do not want to have a car parks, as the care and the costs of its services exceed the trips and their frequency. One of the basic principles of the work of our dispatchers is an individual approach to each of our customers. The company has specially worked out flexible system of packages for corporative customers. Dispatchers, while taking and working out each order, take into account the number of seats, as well as the volume of cargo, and only after that provide appropriate vehicle and look for its arrival on time, so that to avoid of causing any inconvenience or additional costs to their customers. Having special GPS system the employees follow the routes and traffic jams and inform their customers about the duration of the expected trip.

New cars90%
Experienced drivers100%
Clients satisfaction85%

“Taxi Aqua”service cars are located about the whole city and in the regions of Armenia. That is why we guarantee the fastest and most accurate approach to our customers. The services of “Taxi Aqua” are one of the cheapest in Yerevan. The cars are new and equipped with specially certified equipment that accurately reflects the actual passed way of the car and turns it into a monetary unit. In addition, the cars are very convenient and accessible around the whole city. All cars are equipped with air conditioning system and here work experienced, friendly and non-smoking drivers.